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Custom Apparel For Your Band or Business

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Looking for some awesome merch for your band? Or are you looking to outfit you company with matching, one of a kind uniforms? Brewer Ink has the experience to combined modern trends with custom designs to create the perfect image to be worn for years by die hard fans as well as committed employees!

Brewer Ink does what you need!

  • Specializing in custom, detailed graphics, we range from Block Lettering, to half-toned and indexed images.
  • Experienced in comfort and style, we use only the best fitting and feeling products to promote your image.
  • Providing wholesale prices, we create an affordable means of promoting your band or business.
  • Custom Jackets and Bags? Yeah, we do those too.

Custom T-shirts!

  • Create your own style with a custom logo or design.
  • Artwork is included in the set up pricing
  • Market your band or business the best way possible... on your chest!
Select your shirt color and style, submit your design, and have your own custom apparel in 1-2 weeks.

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