Brewer Ink Ltd.
Custom Apparel For Your Band or Business

About Us

OwnersBrewer Ink Ltd. was established by Karston Brewer, a business major and expert screen printer. Karston's experience comes from a high volume, school team apparel outfitter, specializing in large number printing and nylon jersey materials. Starting as a screen "grunt", his knowledge grew from running into errors with mesh counts, exposure times, screen reclaiming and much more. Solving these issues gave Karston the ability to produce perfect screens and color registration. He then moved into color separations and graphic design. Thus the beginning of Brewer Ink Ltd.

Karston does all the custom artwork creating an extremely competitive price over the companies paying hundreds for custom art. He also does all the color separations and stencil application. As well as all the screen reclaiming work. 

Having the low overhead of no employees and fully owned equipment allows Karston to create a great return while maintaining extremely low competitive prices.

Brewer Ink has plans of purchasing an Embroidery machine. This will complete the ability to fully outfit your band or business. Hats, Bags, Blankets, You name it!

For now, good business is needed to continue to grow and move forward in the screen printing industry.

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